Review Interview

A review interview is a 20-60 minute interview with a member of the SkilStak Certificate Review Board to assess the skills, knowledge and abilities of the applicant.

The first review is essentially a practice with the SkilStak facilitator to ensure the member is ready.

The main review interview will be with an independent industry professional whom the member does not know (other than perhaps for previous certifications). This helps improve interview skills required for most tech positions (job, internship, college). Most SkilStak members will have completed several such interviews before moving on to whatever's next. Presenting to a stranger also ensures applicants do their best to prepare (instead of the minimum).

Prior to the interview the applicant must make contact with a facilitator and submit an application including the following:

  1. At least one month of technical journal entries. Links to shared Google docs, Gists, or other forms are all accepted. Entries must be dated and contain at least one significant entry per week. The applicant legally attests that each entry was made at the actual date and time with their signature.

  2. A copy of the requirements fulfilled with commentary and references as to how each requirement is to be reviewed for completion

  3. A minimal review fee to discourage abuse of the application process and defray the cost of two facilitators independently reviewing the certificate application package (which can take hours per application)

During the review any requirement from any module or certificate up to that point may be asked including demonstrating any skill in real-time¹. This requires members to keep their learning fresh—especially before interviewing.

Follow Up Interview

Each applicant will have an additional interview (usually only with the SkilStak facilitator) to award the certificate or explain what is still needed along with the returned application package and any feedback provided by facilitators.

Grace Period

Applicants who fail to receive their certificate may resubmit their package within 30 days to wave the review fee. Otherwise, any further certificate application will be treated as new. If the resubmitted application also fails the next application will be considered new.

Falsifying Penalties

It is critical all applicants understand that falsifying any part of the certificate application package—including journal entry times—will negate the application (without refund) and usually result in expulsion from the SkilStak community. Anyone found to do such will also be permanently added to a black list file available by request to other organizations.

¹ This is not a "white board" interview, but it is similar. The difference is that those interviewing you have observed and reviewed your body of work up to this point in addition to the interview.

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